Bernie Power

Dr Bernie Power

Dr Bernie Power holds degrees in Science, Arts and Theology. His doctorate focused on the Hadith. He has spent over twenty years as an Interserve partner living and working among Muslims in Asia and the Middle East. Currently he lectures in Islamic Studies at the Melbourne School of Theology, Australia. Bernie is a prolific writer, having authored three books, and contributed to several others, as well as dozens of journal, magazine and newspaper articles. His desire is to help Christians and Muslims understand more about each other and what they believe.

8 Jul 2021

The Future of Islam

In this lecture, Dr Bernie Power discusses the history of Islam and makes some predictions about Islam’s future


24 Apr 2021

Has the Qur’an been changed?

This was a debate that took place in Melbourne between Dr Bernie Power and Shaykh Soner Coruhlu. It discussed the origins and transmission of the Qur’an.

13 Feb 2019

How should we respond to Islamic extremism? Bigger Questions radio interview with the City Bible Forum

How do we understand Islam? Is terrorism and ISIS consistent with the Qu’ran and true Islam? What is the difference between Jesus and Muhammad? Was Jesus an extremist?

In this episode we think about Islam, violence and extremism and we meet Bernie Power. Bernie lectures in the comparative study of Islam and Christianity at Melbourne School of Theology. He lived for over 20 years in several countries in the Middle East. He’s a popular speaker, regularly debates Muslims and is author of the book Understanding Jesus and Muhammad.