Bernie Power

How should we respond to Islamic extremism? Bigger Questions radio interview with the City Bible Forum

How do we understand Islam? Is terrorism and ISIS consistent with the Qu’ran and true Islam? What is the difference between Jesus and Muhammad? Was Jesus an extremist?

In this episode we think about Islam, violence and extremism and we meet Bernie Power. Bernie lectures in the comparative study of Islam and Christianity at Melbourne School of Theology. He lived for over 20 years in several countries in the Middle East. He’s a popular speaker, regularly debates Muslims and is author of the book Understanding Jesus and Muhammad.


Why do suicide bombings keep happening? with Neil Johnson

Doctor Bernie Power, a missiologist at the Melbourne School of Theology and a lecturer with the Centre for the Study of Islam and other faiths, gave answers to the big questions when he appeared on Vision Radio’s 20Twenty program recently.

Bernie Power said the terror attacks and the suicide bombings we see today go right back to the time of Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

“When Muhammad was in Mecca the leaders asked him what he wanted. He said ‘I can give you something that will enable you to conquer the whole of Arabia and subject the non-Arab world to your domination’.”

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Interview with Paul Arnott

Dr Bernie Power is interviewed about his book “Understanding Jesus and Muhammad: What the Ancient Texts say about them. The interviewer is Paul Arnott, the chair of Acorn Press. The interview covers the issues of Islam, terrorism, interfaith understanding and the future of civilisation. Positive and negative responses to the book are discussed, as are the actions of ISIS and the approaches of Western leaders to Islam.

Aisha – Muhammad’s child bride

In October of 2017, as a follow-up to the show on Muhammad’s pre-Islamic wife named Khadija, Tony did a show with Dr. Bernie Power and some other speakers about Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha. Watch and listen to learn what Islam’s primary sources say about her.